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SAP Workforce Performance Builder - A Better Way to Train and Maintain Critical Business Solutions Knowledge
October 24th, 2015

With the ever increasing flood of information competing for space in your employees’ mindshare, it is more important than ever to ensure that critical business know-how and skills are retained for optimum productivity.

Studies have shown that employee training and skills are not just a matter of initial exposure and training to new business processes and solutions.  Repetition and availability of training content on demand is vital to ensure that information sticks and is useful during the course of the employee’s work, long after the initial training.

SAP’s Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) is a key enabler to ensure that the gap between initial training and on-going support is minimized.  WPB is a standard component of all Bokanyi Consulting, a Kellton Tech Company projects, and ensures complete knowledge transfer during the project, as well as long after the project team is gone.

Our project teams recommend and use two key components of WPB – Instant Producer, and Producer.  Instant Producer is like a magical screenshot tool on steroids.  It allows anyone, with just minutes of training, to record a business process on the computer.  This recording can then be used to produce multiple outputs – videos, simulations, business process documentation, test scripts, and more.  It reduces the process of creating project documentation by a factor 5 to 10 times, and increases the availability of training content by a factor of several times as well. 

WPB Producer takes the content production one step further, allowing virtually any type of editing and formatting of the recording and output documentation to virtually any format desired.  Combine Instant Producer with Producer, and you have a complete business process documentation tool set that will dramatically reduce training costs, as well as vastly increase training effectiveness and efficiency.

SAP WPB Instant Producer and Producer are very affordably priced for any business, and the return on investment is immediate – not to mention the ever-lasting positive impacts on productivity for the longer term.

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