Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is revolutionizing the face of business. The technology has radically transformed how we scrutinize processes, monitor remote infrastructure, and perform backend tasks and functions. RPA is evolving industries across healthcare, telecom, energy and utilities, manufacturing, banking, insurance, and retail. It is helping them reduce costs by up to 65% and doing that and so much more at a breakneck speed.

By the year 2027, the global RPA market is expected to reach $11 billion. It is also predicted that the global RPA software revenue will hit $13.7billion in 2028. With such figures, it is easy to see why Robotic Process Automation is set to revolutionize the future of individual businesses and industries worldwide. But are you ready for the revolution?

How can we help?

Kellton is a leading RPA solutions provider with a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) to continually experiment and reinvent businesses. Our experienced team of architects, business analysts, and RPA engineers collaborates with you to help you implement game-changing RPA solutions and maximize your business potential to serve and scale. Our experts use an agile, unique methodology that defines your RPA roadmap, establishes a structured approach, and identifies appropriate tools for your exact requirements.

Throughout your RPA journey, we define crucial areas that must be automated and peg their integration feasibility with your existing tools and processes. We then collaborate with you to design and implement your customized RPA solutions. Besides, we provide complete support, training, and assistance to you and your team to ensure seamless user experiences.


  • Automates your processes.
  • Streamlines your tasks.
  • Identifies your performance bottlenecks and eliminate them.
  • Optimizes your resource utilization.
  • Delivers personalized omnichannel experience to your customers.
  • Enhances your workflow.
  • Improves your accuracy, productivity, and turnaround time.
  • Eliminates dull and repetitive tasks.

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