Responsive Library

Leveraging Bootstrap, Foundation and Polymer

Nowadays, your customers demand rich, responsive and highly-customizable multi-platform web applications. If you are to give them to them, there are a few leading frameworks that will help you get the job done quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively. Used by the likes of Twitter, Hootsuite, Spotify and AdRoll, Bootstrap is a widely used HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing mobile-responsive solutions for the web. It’s an easy and highly customizable front-end library with most components ready to work straight out of the box.

Alternatively, Foundation is a popular, customizable and accessible front-end CSS framework compatible with any device or medium. Widely used by the developers’ community to create mobile-first projects for the web, Foundation is also powering a host of top-end websites including Facebook, eBay and Yahoo. Finally, Polymer is a professional-grade, extensible front-end framework. It’s used to build high-end, lightweight and responsive web components that work great on varying screen resolutions. Packed with a load of features and versatile component libraries, it also helps developers build smart components without compromise.

How can we help?

Our seasoned team of experts have a huge degree of experience in building mobile-first web applications using Polymer, Foundation and Bootstrap. We build solutions using whichever of these framework works best for your exact requirements. What’s more, we also support them with growth-amplifying technologies in order to build agility and resilience for the future.

We are passionate about crafting responsive solutions that look excellent on any device. To date, we’ve delivered effective solutions leveraged for speed and performance to several industry verticals, including commerce and retail, healthcare and more. If you’d like us to do the same for you, simply start out by contacting us.

Kellton's Key Responsive Library Offerings:

  • Responsive consulting services
  • Responsive website development services
  • Responsive enterprise-level and social media web app development services
  • Responsive template building
  • Responsive migration and monitoring services
  • Responsive support and maintenance services

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Whatever business problem you have, we have the Responsive Library software development solutions to help.