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As oil and gas (O&G) companies connect and transform, more data is being generated than ever before. Data silos inhibit accurate assessment of the well productivity and hinder preventative maintenance. Oil companies can lose tens of millions of dollars each year if pumps in oil wells perform poorly or fail unexpectedly.

Making sense of this rapid influx of data offers limitless opportunities for better business monitoring and forecasting, but, at the same time, requires enterprises to turn the page on traditional strategies and reimagine the use of technology.

Kellton, in an effort to build a new era of upstream intelligence, has developed Optima — an IoT-enabled robust, scalable, and customizable micro-services-based platform. The platform facilitates data connectivity, integration, and interoperability to unlock optimization benefits for O&G companies and improves operations at the grassroots level.

Optima is powered by best-in-class IoT, Edge, Big Data, and Predictive technologies that allow event detection and sensing, asset monitoring, and resource tracking in real-time. It empowers engineers, managers, and service architects to make faster and more informed decisions with greater automation and higher confidence. Optima boasts a broad scope of digitization that can be applied across all the O&G Upstream stacks — Exploration, Project, Drilling and Well, and Production. Optima brings premier capabilities to the O&G sector grow in tandem with today’s fast-paced economy.

Optima — A game-changing digital oilfield solution


Personalize experiences by enabling easy configurations in Optima. Scale on demand for differentiated outcomes while driving down business costs.

scalable and insight driven
Scalable and insight-driven

Leverage big data for oil and gas to make future-ready decisions and deliver value across the business ecosystem for agile, resilient operations.


Collaborate beyond industry, organizational, and geographic boundaries to solve business problems faster and unlock new models to synchronize innovation.

cloud and on premise
Cloud and on-premise

Integrate applications between your on-premise and cloud landscapes to facilitate seamless experiences even in high workload environments.


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Accurate predictions using AI/ML


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Feature Highlights

Enterprise mobilityEnterprise mobility

Monitor & take action using intuitive and highly configurable web and mobile applications designed to run seamlessly on any device.

Data integrationData integration

Integration of data sources in real-time along with consolidating information to enable the visibility and free flow of data across the enterprise.

Role-based securityRole-based security

Role and permission-based access management for governing permissions and privileges, providing access to only authorized users.

Workflow automationWorkflow automation

Automate mundane rule-based business processes to accelerate timelines and free workers from tedious tasks to focus on high-value work.

Production transparencyProduction transparency

Gain an integrated view of production supply chains. Manage planning, drilling, and production activities and tap into real-time, actionable data.

Real-time diagnosticsReal-time diagnostics

Surface rapid insights to gain a better understanding of core business processes and spot opportunities that offer sustainable, long-lasting value.

Dashboard visualizationDashboard visualization

Enable decision makers to depict patterns, adapt faster, and optimize at pace for maximized efficiency and superior risk response.

Resource trackingResource tracking

Track resources, capacity, and outcomes beyond geography using a live map, and collaborate dynamically for faster decision-making.

Quality & HSEQuality & HSE

Apply intelligent automation to govern performance, achieve compliance and reinforce trust and safety with greater overall productivity.

Optima platform overview

Optima’s architecture is process-centric and simplifies data management to help enterprises deliver scalability and predictability of operations with prescriptive, predictive, and descriptive analytics. This single unified integrated platform is built on a microservices architecture and is built from the ground-up with big data analytics in mind.

Optima facilitates dashboards for all levels of management enabling complete visibility, and access to real-time data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Watch the video to learn more about how it works.

Optima Edge — A modular IoT gateway

Optima Edge aka Envision is the remote communication modular IoT device that enables real-time data acquisition, transmission, and control from remote assets via Ethernet, Wifi, Cellular, or Satellite connections to the proprietary Optima platform deployed on the cloud or private network. This edge device can also be configured and connected to any third-party platform.

Real-time data acquisition

Real-time data acquisition, transmission, and control

Real-time data processing

Real-time data processing and edge computation

Remote monitoring and management

Remote monitoring and management of devices and assets

Alert Messaging

Alert Messaging and Event Detection

Inventory Management and Well Production

Inventory Management and Well Production Management

Onsite and Remote Configuration

Onsite and Remote Configuration & Commissioning of the IoT Devices



Kellton brings world-class technology and proven skills to help oil and gas enterprises simplify their operations across upstream, midstream, and downstream production environments and deliver greater value through new, digital-first models.


A leading team of 1800+ experts working at the bleeding edge of digital disruption in O&G innovation that serves 200+ clients globally. We deliver rich business-centric solutions and stay at the forefront of digital innovation.


Delivering integrated solutions and stellar outcomes by unraveling distinctive business needs through a dedicated IoT Core Network, specialized Oil Gas Analytics Accelerators, and innovation through a continuous integration and deployment suite.


With Kellton as a digital transformation partner on your side, unlock your business’s full potential through digital adoption. We offer flexible engagement models, the shortest implementation time, and demos on demand.

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