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Technological advancements, when combined with a focus on customer and agile innovation, are creating new opportunities for product design and development. To gain a competitive edge, companies need to respond by developing products that solve problems for their customers and transform end-to-end experiences.

Kellton brings together a team of 100+ design thinking strategists that leverages a broad set of methodologies, practices, and proprietary tools to create purposeful designs. We believe in adding natural value versus pushing false aesthetics to product designs with a focus on driving user engagement and tangible business outcomes. Our insight-driven, multifactorial design strategy, having users at its heart, is our key advantage. We empathize with and understand your end users’ needs through dedicated research and deliver problem-specific digital design products.

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

The pressing need to improve user experience in today’s
mobile-first world is echoing across the landscape of all
businesses. For a business with more than 46 million
customers, change isn’t a matter of if, but when. So, when our
client wanted to outgrow its legacy technology and improve
user experience, we knew we must take off with digital
capabilities that could serve and anticipate customer needs.

Having followed it for over 31 years, changing  the 150-year-old education architecture is the least our client would
have wanted. But necessity compelled them to adopt a digital roadmap to learning. So when our client looked towards
leaning on the digital disruption -aiming to help students reach their academic attainment-we helped the client rethink the students’ learning pathways.

Today’s airlines are under constant pressure to deliver engaging travel experiences that will wow their customers. And, when the customer base is as huge as 400k+, the stakes are even higher! So, when our client wanted to revamp their digital landscape to meet customers’ travel needs and raise their CX bar, we focused on innovation and created a digital and mobility strategy to help them maintain their competitive edge.

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