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Niranjan Chintam opines about the recent ‘Ransomware’ attack
May 18th, 2017

In an interview with the Telangana Today, Niranjan Chintam, Chairman, Kellton Tech shared his views on how cyber security has become a top priority for the digital transformation journey of a modern enterprise.
He also served a word of caution to the enterprises, stating that "a renewed attack with more sophisticated code could be possible." The impact is minimal; however, the healthcare and finance sectors have suffered the most.

He also expressed his disappointment with the current cyber security standards in India.  He feels “both government and IT community have a shared responsibility in educating people about the pitfalls of inadequate security consciousness.”

As a company, Kellton Tech’s team was closely watching the developments of this cyber-attack. an email alert was sent to all employees about the outbreak, and precautionary measures were implemented to safeguard the company’s IT infrastructure.

Today, we live in a connected world due to the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things; hence, any kind of cyber-attack can affect the global IT systems rapidly. Therefore, we must be on the top of vulnerabilities and be thoroughly prepared for any eventuality.

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