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Kellton Tech Introduces KLGAME™ at NASSCOM ATC 2014
December 12th, 2014

Kellton Tech Solutions Limited participated in NASSCOM Annual Technology Conference (NATC) 2014 that was focused on Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud. 

Abhishek Vinod Singh, COO (USA) & Senior Vice President at Kellton Tech, was among top industry leaders who spoke at the conference. Abhishek spoke on currents trends and innovations in Internet of Things (IoT) and how IoT is bringing transformational changes in business models and our day to day life. 

abhishek-vinod-singh-nasscom-atc.jpgKellton Tech introduced KLGAME™ (Kellton Tech Location based Gamification, Analytics & rich Messaging Engine) during the conference. KLGAME™ is an IoT applications that uses Bluetooth Low Energy devices (beacons), smart phones, wearables and Google Glass.

KLGAME™ is designed in a flexible and scalable manner; with minimal customization, it can be used to create a number of solutions across various industries such as Travel, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Entertainment Retail, Advertisement, etc. KLGAME™ remained center of attraction during the conference. 

NASSCOM ATC 2014 also hosted a few panel discussions. Himanshu Sharma, Solution Architect at Kellton Tech, participated in a panel discussion on ‘IoT- Creating Technology Revolution.’ The panel had top technocrats from several top IT solutions companies such as Tech Mahindra, ThoughtWorks, Global Logic, NIIT technologies, etc.

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