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Kellton Tech Holds 20th Annual General Meeting
December 28th, 2015

Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. organized the 20th Annual General Meeting on December 22nd at Hotel Kens, Hyderabad. The meeting was well attended by the Board of Directors precisely, Mr. Niranjan Chintam, Mr. Krishna Chintam, Mr. Srinivas Potluri, Mr. Brijmohan Mandala and Mr. Rajendra Naniwadkar along with Mr. B. R. Mahesh (Company Auditor) and Mr. A G Ravindranath Reddy (Company Secretary/Corporate Lawyer) and the shareholders. Mr. Niranjan Chintam welcomed all the guests with a warm speech.

The past year added remarkable accomplishments to Kellton Tech’s account. The company acquired VIVOS Professional Services, U.S. based IT Solutions firm and bagged several awards and recognitions globally. The shareholders appreciated the robust company growth that saw an astronomical increase of 550 per cent in the share price. Progressing with the expectation to surpass the past year’s mark, the members presented the proposal for the forthcoming months. The proposal was well received and accepted by the majority.

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The shareholders raised questions that were acknowledged by the Board members. They also appreciated the support and dedication of employees. Mr. Krishna Chintam, the Managing Director concluded the meeting extending gratitude to the esteemed attendees and acknowledged the effort of all for making the bygone year a success.

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