Obsolete integration solution created system gaps, impaired IT agility, and failed to comply when our client wanted to move into the new digital landscape; business scalability suffered because IT systems lacked the flexibility to support emerging needs.


Executed an internal data archival process to enhance scalability; addressed growing business needs by upgrading the webMethods environment to its latest version.


Streamlined IT; improved
efficiency; enhanced scalability; achieved
higher sales volumes.

Key Challenges

  • In the current era of digital reckoning, doing ‘business as usual’ can make enterprises growth-sick. Organizations today must focus on upgrading their IT capabilities to operate competitively and with agility. Our client was striving to keep their IT value chains connected despite an outdated integration solution, which was negatively impacting process efficiency and challenging service delivery. The go-to-market time and maintenance costs were also considerably high.
  • Because the current integration environment had reached “End of Support,” business scalability was crippled. The systems weren’t elastic enough to accommodate the increasing transaction volumes, which impacted growth. Facing the challenges of this demanding landscape, our client knew that it required a future-proof solution to best serve the market needs and ensure performance longevity.

Our client is a global provider of workforce management solutions. With 30,000 customers, in over 100 countries, and a revenue of USD 1.4 billion, the company is redefining the way organizations manage their workforce.

Our Solutions

We began by analyzing and assessing our client’s current integration environment and planned an optimal upgrade roadmap that would streamline their IT systems and improve scalability in the shortest time possible. A future-ready solution was delivered by upgrading their current Software AG webMethods suite from the 6.x to the 9.7 version. Our chosen methodology for upgrade was instrumental in unlocking new levels of efficiency, speed, and flexibility, which further multiplied growth and empowered our client to capitalize on emerging industry opportunities.

Our implementation of a webMethods internal database archival process ensured that the upgraded integration environment could support increasing transaction volumes without any performance degradation. This was a significant step in streamlining the transaction modules and improving the quality of sales management.

Business Benefits

  • Consolidated IT connectivity
  • Optimized efficiency and improved customer service
  • Accelerated service timelines
  • Increased scalability to meet emerging needs
  • Improved sales and user retention
  • Reduced total cost of ownership

Project Outcomes

0% Post -upgrade increase in TCO of the integration platform

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