Lack of omnichannel presence; disparate application landscape; no optimization of retail Point of Sale (POS) data.


Unlocked channel-agnostic customer experiences using SAP S/4HANA for retail; deployed a hub-and-spoke integration architecture using SAP Process Integration for consistent throughput; enabled a customized POS architecture for data reporting and real-time insights into top-line market trends.


Increased customer engagement; improved process execution; enhanced visibility into markets; streamlined decision-making; boosted ROI.

Key Challenges

  1. As technology opens new communication channels and customer expectations for personalized brand interactions increase, sticking to offline retailing is not an option. Although our client had a strong offline presence across the US, they were struggling to create personalized connections with customers. Their lack of a full-fledged omnichannel strategy was hurting customer loyalty.
  2. The fragmented application landscape was our client’s Achilles’ heel. Silos across enterprise architectures were hoarding data and negatively impacting system-to-system communication. Supply chain gaps were a drain on process efficiency and resulted in slow service timelines.
  3. Our client’s inability to leverage retail POS data was another factor that hindered growth. Lack of insight into customer’s spending habits and patterns forced the company to operate in a paradox. With no real understanding of the markets, it became difficult to predict events.

Our client is a leading multi-brand specialty retailer, founded in 1947, and offers an assortment of apparel and accessories for women, men, and children. With over 450 retail stores across the US and revenues soaring up to $2.2 billion, the company is the go-tochoice for millions of Americans who seek the best fashion line-up.

Our Solutions

Merging physical shopping interactions with online channels was a profound challenge for our client. They needed a well-articulated strategy to simplify this critical transition. Kellton collaborated to help the client extend their reach to a variety of channels and nurture newer, better ways to realize the revenue potential. We designed and enabled omnichannel processes using SAP S/4HANA for Retail for enabling unified customer experiences with omnichannel engagement. As we integrated end-to-end point of sales, distribution channels, and third-party vendors using SAP’s agile platform, the project took off to a great start. The doors for channel-agnostic experiences were flung wide open, helping the company manage all their touchpoints effectively and allowing customers to seamlessly move across different channels.

The next challenge was the lack of application integration and complex data silos. Our team implemented a hub-and-spoke integration architecture using SAP Process Integration to plug the supply chain gaps and enable a single common view into all systems. Our solution approach was instrumental in supporting synchronous and asynchronous message exchanges and streamlining operations with greater control. In addition to this, we upgraded our client’s database storage from Oracle’s Solaris to a high-end cloud datacenter using an open-source Linux and HANA infrastructure.

We leveraged pre-existing business intelligence tools to enable a customized POS architecture for our client. The new platform was effective in gleaning a wealth of information from multiple touchpoints and generating insights. The ability to track and monitor market shifts in real-time empowered our client to make informed decisions and adapt at the speed of change. This created a more engaging shopping experience and maximized business value.

Business Benefits

  • Enabled channel-agnostic customer experiences
  • Ensured frictionless brand interactions and boosted ROI
  • Delivered a consistent application landscape for governable processes
  • Increased business agility and productivity
  • Unlocked intelligence from POS data and enhanced business planning
  • Reduced cost of ownership and maintenance
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