Fragmented enterprise architecture; lack of enterprise-wide visibility; no data analytics


Integrated disparate business systems; built and deployed a data analytics solution that provides insights into the logistics and transportation process and enables real-time tracking of shipments


Increased operational efficiency; improved logistics visibility and asset management; enabled predictive maintenance

Key Challenges

  1. Integrated business systems form the foundation to drive intelligent analytics, increased productivity, and efficient decision-making. Our client’s fragmented enterprise architecture made achieving these objectives close to impossible. Their disparate business systems were creating increasingly large data silos, resulting in inconsistent workflows, operational complexity, and shrinking profits. 
  2. Burdened by fragmented business systems, our client couldn’t access the right data at the right time, making it difficult to predict, track, and understand the bottlenecks. Dim supply chain visibility impaired decision-making and process hurdles led to slowdowns, with far-reaching financial consequences.


Our client provides an award-winning, multi-patented technology to third-party logistics companies (3PLs) for effective freight management. Founded in 2014, the company provides exceptional customer service and is trusted by thousands of global clients in the trade facilitation business.

Our Solutions

Our client’s enterprise architecture required a fail-proof digital integration strategy; one that wouldn’t disrupt the core bottom lines. Kellton was taken on-board as a digital integration expert to help our client navigate these murky waters. We began by carefully documenting business processes to capture issues and identify potential touchpoints. On the basis of our assessment, we developed a state-of-the-art integration framework to connect diverse business systems and enhance freight operations at scale. Our experts adopted a smart decoupling approach to unlock the value buried inside legacy systems and iteratively add new functionality. All of this paved the way for holistic business transformation and helped our client shape the next-gen of digital freight management. Our solution not only integrated their disparate business systems to enable consistent process flows and improve efficiency but also unlocked a single view into operations for instant decision-making.

 We built and implemented an innovative, analytics-driven solution that provides insights into the business and simplifies carrier track and trace. The platform is powered by a triangulation technique helping our client access carrier information such as whereabouts, performance statistics, and exception alerts. The new solution utilizes real-time map positions to monitor shipments. It also makes it easier for our client to obtain carrier information for faster decision-making and enables them to predict and avert unforeseen events that might cause delays or damage.

Business Benefits

  • Streamlined process flows for efficiency
  • Improved productivity and reduced the number of error incidences
  • Enabled easy access to critical business information and boosted decision-making
  • Provided visibility into multiple carrier supply chains and enhanced reactive and predictive maintenance


Project Outcomes

100 million+ Networked data points created

100K Compliant vehicles

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