Legacy systems, which were restrictive in terms of operational scalability, efficiency, responsiveness, capabilities, and ever-growing needs of online shoppers


Built a secure and scalable mobility framework that anticipates customers behavior and demands, and strides towards the future confidently


Expanded brand reach to new geographies; streamlined business workflows; boosted customer experience

Key Challenges

  1. Our client’s obsolescent business system thwarted growth, whereas digitally-backed market entrants periled business sustainability. Processes remained in shambles and the client’s inability to straddle technology-driven market rankled business problems.
  2. Existing system was impeding growth and frustrating their ability to track, record, and analyze the behavior, demands, and buying trends of customers that was commensurate with the increasing smartphone and internet penetration and the social media usage.
  3. Non-responsive business platform, improper access to products, and no seamless payment gateway system across diverse platforms and devices were crippling operational excellence and zero to no traction amidst tech-savvy customers.


Our client is a leading online marketplace with a huge customer base and the largest fulfillment center across the Middle East. With more than 45 million visits per month and over 8.4 million products sold, our client continues to gain traction in and around the Arab world.

Our Solutions

Our team took time to understand the mindsets of customers and pain points to plan out a mobility solution and a strategy for system modernization while minimizing disruption to the existing business framework. Once the strategy was in place, we designed, developed, and deployed an intelligent mobility solution tailored for both iOS and Android platforms with scalable and user-friendly features. With the help of our solution, customers were able to anytime access and shortlist from a range of products, place an order, and pay seamlessly using any device. We also offered multi-lingual support to the client. With both Arabic and English as options, the technology platform now adds to the ease of native customer’s shopping experience.

A third-party payment gateway was deployed to enable safe, fast, and intuitive electronic transactions processing. This resulted in an upward trend of payments on both mobile and web platforms and provided a high-quality experience to customers.

We also implemented a dynamic dashboard which enables optimum resource utilization and automated inventory management. With real-time reporting capabilities, the dashboard helps the management to see through functions, tasks, and resources anytime, anywhere and enable effective decision-making.

Business Benefits

  • Enabled greater visibility and remote accessibility at scale
  • Facilitated seamless business transactions and communications across platforms
  • Improved efficiency with robust inventory tracking and streamlined backend functions
  • Ensured hassle-free online shopping experiences
  • Leveraged customer loyalty and consolidated brand value

Project Outcomes

500,000+ Users registered

90% Increase in customer delight achieved

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