System downtime, SAP data integrity, and protection vulnerabilities, high cost, unfamiliar system, and processes. 


We enabled the right foundation for seamless SAP landscape transformation through successful carve-out, data masking, and data harmonization using SLO expertise to conserve the SAP data integrity, clean up SAP systems, and seamless transition in zero downtime.


Minimal change management, optimized processes, efficient transition, minimal business disruption.


Key Challenges

  • Performing SAP systems carve-out correctly is a key to achieve an accelerated SAP landscape transformation and exponential business growth faster. However, our client was struggling to achieve all of this when planning carve-out and divestitures for the part of the business that is sold off. 
  • Seamless transition and minimal change management were two major concerns of our client who wanted to avoid complexities involved during the carve-out of the sold-off portion. Our client wanted to attain a seamless transition with zero disruption in the existing business processes that involved co-mingled data of business not sold off. 
  • Because of the SAP landscape carve-out and divestitures, our client had to deal with company code-splitting, all kinds of co-mingled data, migration of large data volumes, and internal data restructurings. All of this resulted in a lack of data integrity, higher operational costs, excessive system downtime, and above all, data security risks as there was no selective access to legacy data.

Our client is a large chemical manufacturing giant headquartered in the United States, generating annual revenues worth $2+ Billion. The company has more than 30 global manufacturing facilities on five continents, serving customers in 80 countries


Our Solutions

  • To avoid disruptions in the running SAP landscape while splitting one of their existing production systems comprising ERP, SCM, and BW, our client needed to execute SAP system carve-out in near-zero downtime. Our team of SAP experts created a holistic SAP landscape transformation experience by enabling accurate data cleansing through the copy and delete of multiple company codes available in the existing productive SAP system with no functional disruptions. 
  • To execute a successful SAP systems carve-out for our client, we harnessed the standard SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) method instead of leveraging traditional Greenfield implementation which is a time-consuming process when deployed as per SAP standards. We moved a lot of superfluous data from their SAP systems to a separate hosting location while handling legacy data structures logically. As one of the few trusted SAP SLO transformation partners, we rightsized the backend operations by using SLO methods and tools to execute a complete migration phase that involved everything from planning, gathering, structuring, and separation of the SAP data for a seamless transition with minimal disruptions.
  • Our SAP System Landscape Optimization experts ensured maximum data consistency and data integrity while facilitating landscape carve-out that involved company code deletion and masking of interlinked master data. This helped our client to shorten the validation time up to 50% which is more than conventional carve-outs. As a result, the client was able to derive benefits like necessary data harmonization, optimized capacity planning, selective access to legacy data, and minimized impact on business users through a seamless transition.

Business Benefits

  • Streamlined data consolidation and SAP system carve-outs using SLO
  • Conserved maximum SAP data integrity with maintained company code history
  • Enabled maximum data transparency and visibility
  • Mitigated inefficiencies with zero downtime of business-critical systems
  • Accelerated SAP landscape transformation on time and on budget


Enabled seamless SAP landscape carve-outs

Ensured smooth transition with zero downtime

Reduced change management timeframes by 75% 


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