Lack of a mobile solution; rigid
architecture; no dashboard to derive
real-time insights from data


Deployed high-performance mobility solution to expand into wider user markets; implemented a new API layer with caching feature for extensibility; built a dashboard for holistic customer view


Improved customer reach; increased business scalability; ensured data consistency; reduced maintenance costs

Key Challenges

  • As digital disruption redefines the way we interact with customers, the companies that can quickly adapt and deliver quality customer experience will succeed. Our client was struggling to transform their business and was at the risk of losing their competitive edge. The lack of a mobility solution made it impossible for them to optimize brand interactions for the growing number of customers who prefer to consume content on-the-go. This was negatively impacting business growth and hurting the brand reputation.
  • Rigid IT architectures were hindering business scalability. The applications and processes were so tightly coupled that it was difficult for our client to make changes to the IT landscape. They were also suffering from limited backend capacity which could not support the existing user load, resulting in increased downtime.
  • The absence of a dashboard made monitoring of data to support customer requests ineffective. This presented a logistical problem at a time when our client wanted to improve responsiveness and process efficiency.

Started in 2006, our client is a market leader in the leisure and hospitality sector. With a fast-growing customer base of over 240,000 members and 60+ global resorts, the company is growing exponentially and is passionate about making their customers’ vacations a lifetime experience.

Our Solutions

Every business is closely tied to its customers and our client needed a robust omnichannel strategy to reach a wider audience and increase customer loyalty. We collaborated and built cutting-edge mobility solutions to deliver always-on brand experiences. The team combined agile methodologies with advanced development tools to ensure dynamic content delivery and easy navigation. Rich functionalities were integrated to enable a future-ready mobile ecosystem. Our solution was effective in establishing a mobile presence and personalizing the customer experience across multiple channels. A rapid increase in the number of online registered customers was recorded, and revenue jumped twofold. 

Transforming our client’s business architecture was challenging because we had to disrupt their core systems in order to drive the desired scalability. We introduced an API layer with an advanced caching feature which enabled us to unlock scalability across different systems and increase load capacity. This helped the client smoothly integrate new features and respond to customer demands with near-zero downtime. Our innovative approach empowered our client to digitally transform their essential IT touchpoints and drive linear business outcomes, without sabotaging their bottom line. 

We designed and implemented a dashboard to address our client’s need to respond quickly to customer queries. Our approach was a strategic win as it enabled a trusted end-to-end view of customer’s transactional data. It also shortened user experience turnarounds and created opportunities for future strategic planning.


Business Benefits

  • Expanded customer reach and improved customer experience
  • Improved supply chain turnaround times
  • Reduced customer response time
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