Manual, error-prone data management; no real-time insight for decision-making


Built a hybrid digital platform to streamline processes of managing and governing data; enabled intelligence to run analytics and drive smarter decisions


Improved efficiency; streamlined decision-making; enabled better, error-free outcomes

Key Challenges

  1. The rise of hybrid data management in the digital age is a road to business excellence and exponential growth. Handling unstructured data correctly ensures accuracy, consistency, and relevancy for enterprises along with continuous process improvement. Our client, however, was struggling to achieve any of these because of their manual and sluggish data management processes. High error rate, repetitive tasks, lack of speed, data inconsistencies are a few major issues that emerged from their ineffective data management strategies.
  2.  Poor data quality was leading to poorer decisions. Our client was struggling to make and execute strategy, and it was  negatively affecting business opportunities and efficiency.

Our client is one of the biggest chemical manufacturing companies headquartered in the United States. Generating  revenues worth $4.6 Billion, the company is well recognized as a leading player in the insecticides segment and owns an award-winning R&D pipeline globally.

Our Solutions

Struggling with its troublesome data management strategy, our client collaborated with Kellton for quick transformation from its existing manual data entry approach. Kellton was taken on-board as the digital transformation partner to streamline our client’s troublesome unstructured and manual data workflows through a hybrid data management system. This platform is engineered to deliver distinctive insights and boosted process efficiency with the highest automation potential at the core.

With a fast, flexible, and futuristic data management platform, we have helped our client manage tedious manual data entry tasks and contributed to optimizing data quality for informed business decisions. Our client was able to unlock a quick and thorough response to future disruptions and grow resiliently.

Business Benefits

  • Streamlined workflows and improved process efficiency
  • Enabled maximum data quality with minimal loss in accuracy
  • Optimized data analysis with actionable insights 
  • Mitigated risks and inefficiencies
  • Boosted productivity and enhanced employee experience
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