Existing eCommerce app based on monolithic architecture; separate legacy apps shopping and loyalty points; siloed sales channels


Built a hybrid mobile app based on microservices architecture with advanced BI algorithms; revamped UX to cater to 
diverse demographic cohorts


Performance optimized solution enhanced the shopping experience; BI and next-gen integrations helped increase sales and improve the overall ROI

Key Challenges

  1.  Existing mobility solution based on an obsolete tech stack lacked scalability. Two separate apps for users, one for shopping and the other for analyzing loyalty points, created multiple user journeys and resulted in silos
  2. Our client faced difficulties as their user set was diverse, non-tech savvy, and resistant to embracing digital. It was daunting to measure up with such diversity in user behavioral patterns spanning across demographic cohorts from baby boomers to Generation Z to Millenials. There was a barrier to move to the new app even though the legacy app was non-user-friendly with pre-defined user journey.
  3. The client is a multi-level direct selling company and required multiple buyer journeys for uplines and downlines, which the legacy app could not support. Bi-flow was missing in the legacy app to facilitate placing bulk or multiple orders.Instead of multi-carts, bulk or multiple ordering was possible only through a log

Our client is a leading multi-level direct selling company that offers world-class wellness products and groceries through its network of 3000+ online and offline sales outlets.

Our Solutions

 We designed and deployed a futuristic hybrid mobility solution with a completely revamped frontend and microservices architecture-based backend. The new app with advanced BI algorithms combined the functionality of both the legacy apps. The result was a performance-optimized solution to improve buyer journeys, enhance CX, redefine bottom lines.

Our team of consultants performed an analysis at every stage of implementation, starting with requirement gathering from internal and external stakeholders. We leveraged our experience to analyze data for usage trends before building the new app. We created a unique bi-flow in the new app to facilitate seamless checkout through multiple shopping carts for bulk orders.

With our team’s efforts, including technical architects and cloud experts, within 24 hours, the new app could handle traffic from the concurrency of 500 users to 7,000 users per minute, which later went up to 16,000 users per minute. As a result, the client did more than expected business. We provided proper consultation throughout our engagement that helped in building trust.

Business Benefits

  • Ensured seamless buying journeys
  • Increased user traffic handling capacity
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improved sales and maximized revenue
  • Boosted cost-savings

Project Outcomes

17% growth in the overall business

2X reduction in order cycles, from 4-5 mins to less than a min

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