Manually operated NFT marketplace; Lack of multiple-wallet support; No mobile-first strategies.


Created a scalable and automated NFT platform; Helped integrate multiple wallets; Built an innovative NFT platform underpinned with mobile-first principle.


Tokenization of real-world assets; Superior user experiences; Reduced time to market; Incredible mobile buying experiences.

Key Challenges

The client had an existing NFT marketplace, but it was manually operated. Digital transactions were prone to risks and attacks. Moreover, creators found it unfeasible to mint NFTs themselves.

The existing NFT platform did not support multiple wallets, stopping users from maximizing opportunity gains. Users even had to pay heavy gas fees for complex transactions. Such problems created flaw-filled user experiences.

The conventional operating model with no mobile-first strategies in place dwarfed the client’s market outreach and caused friction points and hindrances while connecting with the target audience.

Headquartered in California, the US, our client is a start-up financial technology company focused on packaging innovative solutions and delivering seamless experiences —concerning ticketing, payments, NFTs, and more —underpinned with blockchain technology. The client aims to create a robust digital money network and deliver faster
economical payment options and financial products worldwide.

Our Solutions

We helped upscale the client’s NFT marketplace capabilities by deploying an ERC-721 compliant Ethereum blockchain-based solution to make it premium, digitally integrated, and highly secured. Leveraging APIs, we made the platform extendable and scalable to support multiple blockchain solutions and automated end-to end functions to create exceptional experiences while creating, buying, selling, auctioning, and transacting digital artifacts and other rarities by tokenizing them. Furthermore, tracking the provenance became seamless, assuring a unique representation of digital content/assets. 

We integrated multiple wallet-support into one platform, enabling creators or users to instantly pay the gas fees and 
perform other transactions to trade and own immutable digital content assets meaningfully. We implemented robust, efficient, and technology-driven measures to avoid gas wars. We empowered the platform to save users from paying exorbitant gas fees and access a fair opportunity while minting NFTs to successfully transact real-world assets through the NFT marketplace.

We modernized operations and executed mobile-first strategies to connect the dots and increase customer outreach and engagement. We helped open new channels to accelerate the onboarding of celebrities, brands, and more, depicting different art forms and digital assets across genres. With a futuristic NFT platform, we enabled the client to forge potential partnerships with global prospects and make digital collectibles available and accessible for transactions anywhere and anytime.

Business Benefits

  • Onboarded 2K Creators in Just a Week
  • Shortened time-to-market
  • Helped tokenize real-world assets
  • Enabled monetization of digital content
  • Delivered mobile-buying experiences 
  • Facilitated royalty attribution
  • Increased attention span 
  • Improved user experiences across platforms


Over 70% Increase in user Onboarding

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