Heterogenous, hard-to-scale application landscape; unreliable physical servers; compromised business efficiency


Re-architectured the client’s core-critical IT estate and migrated workloads to AWS cloud to elevate business performance


Transformed application performance and reliability; improved business uptime; streamlined efficiency

Key Challenges

Our client struggled with a fragmented, inflexible customer application landscape hosted on disparate physical servers with disparate hardware characteristics.To operate around the existing monolithic architecture was a key challenge,which  hampered our client's ability to handle future disruptions and business expansion plans.

Overloaded servers were incapable of surviving traffic surges, and frequent downtimes hindered our client’s application performance. Challenges swelled as they spent a vast amount of money on maintenance and had to deal with heavy human dependency. Interdependence of applications/systems was another reason behind increased implications for business performance. When any element of a system was changed or eliminated, subsystems were significantly impacted, making it difficult to achieve goals.

API Management, monitoring, and the absence of real-time performance dashboarding were a few serious issues that crippled the efficiency of legacy customer applications. In addition, our client was unable to identify failure points that were responsible for incomplete user journeys.

Our client is a leading player in the online food delivery segment of the US. With over 50,000 restaurants in more than 150 countries globally, the company is a well-recognized name in the fast quick-service restaurant category and generates annual revenues worth $5BN.

Our Solutions

Our client recognized the need to modernize their IT to keep up with the evolving demands. They partnered with Kellton to define a comprehensive, secure digital ecosystem rooted in the belief that cloud technology would enable the flexibility and speed they needed. We chose AWS to fulfill our client’s digital ambition.

We helped design and deploy the AWS-based cloud architecture and enabled the migration of business applications in an approach marked by exactness and accuracy of detail. We planned the transition where customer applications were located in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) - the one hosting the core application - while keeping Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets for static content in Relational Database Service (RDS). Our deep industry domain expertise, backed by our proprietary frameworks and methodologies, facilitated the desired user experience and paved the way for scalable innovation.

We tapped into our knowledge to ensure a successful AWS centralized logging deployment and led our client to infuse agility and responsiveness into the fabric of their business. We enabled Amazon Cloud Watch logs consolidation from disparate destinations to a single dashboard. We automated sizes, capacity, and load distribution, which allowed for 99% maximum uptime and complete operational support.

Our AWS experts monitored application performance for the APIs consumed during the running of the online ordering platform. This helped identify events in real-time and optimize IT strategy in a predictive manner, which eventually led to sustainable value and business continuity.

Business Benefits

  • Ensured IT uptime and reliability of operations
  • Increased business efficiency
  • Reduced application maintenance cost
  • Improved performance monitoring
  • Enabled scalability to handle business demand
  • Enhanced flexibility of the entire IT ecosystem


99.99% application uptime ensured

35% increase in online food orders enabled

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