Dependence on third-party food delivery aggregators making our client’s business lose touch with the market and struggle with cost overruns; no support for multiple food delivery modes for customers; non-intuitive UI and inconclusive CX


Strengthened the client's online ordering platform by embedding multiple modes for food ordering and collection; replaced the old UI with a personalized, dynamic UI; provided support for effective real-time analytics


 Improved customer experience; boosted brand recognition and value; increased revenue

Key Challenges

The cost of partnering with third-party food delivery aggregators can be largely prohibitive. Turning a profitin today’sever competitive food industry is already difficult, and by paying a fee for every order placed through these aggregators apps, the margins shrink further. Our client shared a similar business situation.Loss of control and no direct relationship with the customers were other reasons they were thinking of minimizing dependency on food delivery aggregators.

The lack of multiple delivery modes on our client’s current mobile app platform was a critical bottleneck.With lower rates of dine-ins – particularly in the prevailing pandemic – and no support for options such as takeaways and carhops, sales became inconsistent, and revenues down-spiraled.

Our client was missing the mark on customer expectations. Besides the lack of delivery modes,factors like static UI and non-personalized experience made our client miss significant growth opportunities.

Our client is a leading fast-food restaurant company in the Middle East region. With 1800 restaurants in the region and 25 
food production sites across the UAE, Kuwait, and Egypt, our client’s distinction lies in its safest, most reliable, and best 
quality food.

Our Solutions

To avoid reliance on the aggregator-based service model and take more control of food delivery, our client needed to 
build branded online ordering. Thus, one of the primary aims was transforming our client’s ordering platform with features 
that could optimize user experiences and build recognition for the brand quickly. The client looked for a reliable partner 
to provide the basis for innovative digital experience optimization. The decision was made in favor of Kellton.

We set up a task force of experts to process and resolve the challenges, stymieing our client’s growth. We started with 
adding multiple ways for customers to place orders through our client’s app and restaurants. For faster accessibility, we 
brought in options for Delivery, Self-Pick-Up, Drive-Thru, Dine-In, and Carhop on the app’s home screen.

Our team created a holistic contactless experience for our client’s diners. We built a facility for placing orders by simply scanning the QR code right from mobile devices. Not only did it expedite the order placing, but also reduced waiting time to a massive extent. Additionally, we enabled high personalization in the app, embedded dynamic UI, and made it easier for users to view their order history and make payments through multiple gateway options

Business Benefits

  • Enabled faster, more efficient customer experience
  • Facilitated significant brand resonance in the market
  • Boosted the sales funnel conversion
  • Improved business revenues
  • Enhanced cost savings
  • Provided an environment for optimizing processes, underpinned by data


200K+app installs

15% Increase in Order Conversion Rate

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