Offline dealer communication; no central repository to store, track, and analyze records of sales; no contact center to address dealers’ queries; prohibition of offline lucky draw events amid COVID-19 and lack of transparency in the existing system of dispersing rewards led our client to bore the brunt of disgruntled, dissatisfied dealers. 


Developed an online portal to manage, track, and guide all aspects of sales carried out by dealers; enabled a care portal that accelerated grievance redressal and provided dealers with a single point of access to company information relevant to them; digitized the complete lucky draw process to allow successful dealer networking in times of COVID.


Optimized sales management and dealer communication; maximized dealer satisfaction and retention; enabled a step-change in business efficiency.

Key Challenges

  1. As the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the globe, enterprises with dealer networks—which historically relied on offline means of doing business—struggled with enabling a critical interaction point that could help sustain work relationships virtually. Our client was facing a similar challenge at hand. With dealer communication processes that were largely offline, it was almost impossible to track inventory information, follow up with leads, record sales, address concerns that cut across segments, and stabilize the on-scale business pipeline. Difficulties in communicating business needs and goals further impacted the quality of outcomes.
  2. Before there was a pandemic, our client regularly conducted offline events that involved the selection of winners based on lucky draws. Aggressive COVID-19 containment measures, however, prohibited large-scale social gatherings, and so did such events. Our client that was exposed to disgruntled dealers desperately wanted to digitize their lucky draw events—with elements of trust and transparency intact—and ensure a healthier dealership engagement key to maintaining their profitability. 

Our client is a one-of-a-kind agriscience company headquartered in the US. As a global pure-play agriculture company, it aims to provide farmers with a complete portfolio of seeds and crop protection products through a dealer network on a macro level and is dedicated to enriching the lives and the land. 

Our Solutions

After a slew of inspiring meetings, we created a blueprint of a digital solution that ticked all the necessary boxes. And, on receiving the green signal, we designed, developed, and deployed an intuitive, all-encompassing online dealer portal for start-to-finish dealer-led engagements. 

Our solution played a strategic role as a centralized CRM that made it easier to record, track and analyze the complete sales cycle. It equipped our client’s employees with tools and information to manage product and scheme-related information, demand and sales forecasting, lead monitoring, and competition in a better way. A capable loyalty program system was embedded in the portal to help our client reward dealers online based on their sales performance and encourage maximum engagement. And there was more: the online portal proved effective in harmonizing scattered processes, provided more flexibility in interacting with and managing dealers, lowered costs, and ensured higher economies of scale. 

We created a digital care portal to shelve the physical handling of dealers’ queries and assist our client in solving issues in a timely, agile, and consistent fashion. A systematic, future-centric approach was followed to ensure the portal could automatically update, track, and segment queries across categories so that our client could achieve visibility into the complaint record and the nature of complaints received. With an improvement in its ability to manage dealers better, the company increased the overall satisfaction and retention rate.

Business Benefits


  • Enabled harmonization of operations across dealer divisions
  • Streamlined sales management
  • Enhanced dealer satisfaction and retention
  • Encouraged better revenues
  • Increased efficiency, lowered TCO


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