Fragmented learning management systems and siloed environment; lack of offline mapping; Static examination and scholarship management processes


Developed a single sign-On and student dashboard for integrated user view and insights; introduced virtual classrooms
and tailored course packages; digitized end-to-end student journeys


Increased student outreach; delivered personalized learning experiences; improved education quality

Key Challenges

  1. Fragmented IT systems keep enterprises from making robust, data-driven decisions. With disparate learning management systems, our client was not able to offer integrated information with respect to course, fees, examination schedule, scholarships, and more to students.
  2. Our client's web platforms were not delivering optimal experience. Students were not able to search for courses online, there was no proper monitoring of queries, and activities such as enrollments were performed offline, and even more students overall journey was full of bottlenecks
  3. There was no online portal for the students to register, view, and manage their enrollment for mock tests, scholarship exams, and other high-stake, national-level examinations. On the other hand, the client was bound to reprogram and re-strategize every separate examination they launched.

Founded in the year 1988, our client is one of the leading educational institutions that coach medical and engineering aspirants to qualify the respective entrance as well as foundation-level examinations. In over 31 years of their practice, they have produced over two-hundred thousand doctors and engineers and are catering to over 130 cities. 

Our Solutions

We developed digitally integrated educational web platforms that enabled the client to consolidate multiple digital assets and create a single window access for students. We unified the different learning management systems by introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) to boost greater visibility, offer efficient control,and allow centralized monitoring of digital properties through the same credentials. Besides, students now have dedicated dashboards where they can monitor all their actions in real-time and pursue learning at their speed and convenience.  

We helped our client leapfrog to the digital learning. The client is now able to break the specific courses in smaller modules and offer them to the students, digitally. The engineering and medical aspirants, as well as, school students are now able to remotely access tailor-made courses. They can not only purchase the courses online and pay for them through the integrated payment gateways but can also attend live, interactive classes on their smart device irrespective of their locations. Other than this, we also integrated the offline purchases and queries with the clients’ ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to auto-enable their online journey.

We developed Android and iOS applications and infused digital learning features to ensure that educators and aspirants can now engage on the go. We integrated tests and assessments and built sub-domains to launch and configure multiple examinations and scholarship programs into one solution.

Business Benefits

  • Facilitated a seamless digital coaching journey
  • Improved business monitoring and decision-making
  • Enabled personalized, omnichannel learning experiences
  • Increased educator-student engagement
  • Augmented lead and ROI growth

Project Outcomes

23.32% rise in revenue

25% increase in entry-level examination leads

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