A content management system (CMS) that’s manual, slow, scattered, and hard-to-scale.


Built a fast, flexible, integrated, and cloud-native video CMS with user-friendly functionalities that helped our client’s organization to be smarter, thus highly competitive.


Automated, integrated content processes; improved business scalability to cater to global needs and adapt to disruptions faster.

Key Challenges

Smart, scalable content management goes a long way in helping enterprises boost efficiency and time-to-market. Our client, however, was struggling to achieve any of these objectives, the reason being their sluggish, disparate, and manual content management system (CMS)

The existing CMS wasn’t user-friendly and too cumbersome to operate. Our client was spending a significant amount of time looking for the information they need and taking forever to deliver customer experiences up to speed.

The monolithic architecture of the existing CMS was a key disadvantage. Since the system was self-contained and inflexible, implementing and scaling optimizations to the operational environment was difficult, hampering our client’s ability to cater to ever-emerging global needs.

Our client is a provider of one of the leading online video streaming Over the Top (OTT) platforms. With 90+ Live TV channels, 76.4 million subscribers, and an exhaustive range of video content in over a dozen languages, our client delivers on-demand, unlimited entertainment to an avid cinema connoisseur

Our Solutions

Our client was ready to take content management to a new, breakthrough level and hence, collaborated with Kellton to realize their vision. We built a smart, automated content management system that benefited by allowing our client to process, package, share, and catalog varying types of content on the fly. The result? World-class capabilities of the new system enhanced efficiency of the entire content supply chain, integrated collaboration, and made customer experiences agile.

The new CMS had a friendly interface. The architecture was laid out in a simple, effective navigational pattern that helped our client use information faster and gain insights. This eventually led to better decisions and improved business performance.

We built a secure, high-availability cloud infrastructure for the new CMS, underpinned by AWS. This in turn 
inspired flexibility of operations and helped our client be innovative and agile with their services to meet the changing global demands. Thanks to this new, cloud-native CMS, our client also gained the ability to manage the traffic surge without a hitch.

Business Benefits

  • Automated, centralized content management
  • Improved visibility and efficiency of decision-making
  • Accelerated delivery of operational and business outcomes
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Increased scalability to better-manage the global traffic

Project Outcomes

50% Reduction in Time for Content Operations

5 mins to 300-400 msec – Accelerated Content Featuring to Near Real-Time

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