Manual trailer check-in/out processes;traditional and error-prone audit functions; increased bottlenecks in achieving lean manufacturing


Built a fully integrated self-service kiosk application to streamline  check-in/out processes; developed asset
and process audit automation apps to help employees deliver a higher-quality audit opinion


Digitized check-in/out operations; enabled smart audits; accelerated speed-to-service; improved productivity

Key Challenges

  1. Automation helps enterprises view and manage check-in/out processes seamlessly. Our client, however, was struggling to keep tabs on trailer check-ins as a consequence of their paper-based, sluggish processes. Since employees had to do manual entries, delays became inevitable, and frustration among trailer drivers/owners, who queued up for hours, ensued.
  2. Our client’s dependency on human data entry increased the risk of expensive errors. Moreover, resources were strained as many employees were handling the tedious task of monitoring trailer movements instead of focusing on high-value priorities.
  3. Manual plant auditing processes were another teething trouble. Our client’s team of auditors was using outmoded tools and hence required a copious amount of time to analyze and validate asset operations and cost expenditures. Data inaccuracies kept getting in the way of ensuring performance sanity.

Our client is a leading supplier of higher-quality, low-cost bottled water to a geographically diversified population of the United States. Founded in 1963, the company has expanded exponentially—from offering home and office delivery to serving grocery, club, and wholesale customers—and provides an unbeatable combination of quality, cost, and service.

Our Solutions

We leveraged the best automation practices to build interactive, self-service kiosks that allowed trailer drivers/owners to check-in automatically. The move was a big success as it reduced manual intervention of the internal staff—all while accelerating process timelines and improving user experience. Since employees were freed from the redundant tasks, they participated in strategic, result-oriented jobs and helped our client operate better.

We built a fully integrated self-service kiosk application that helped our client monitor trailer check-ins and check-outs across their multiple facilities. The new system generated QR codes that could be read across all our client’s devices and helped facility managers keep a record of trailers entering the premises. Our solution approach cut the chances of committing errors to almost zero and reinforced transparency. Additionally, we developed check-in and check-out apps to help trailer drivers/owners check the plant capacity on a daily basis and determine the appropriate time and date for delivery and dispatch.

We developed asset audit automation apps to simplify audit exercises for our client, allow remote  access,  and  strengthen the plant assessment quality.The apps provided an effective medium for audit managers and executives to collaborate in real-time and deliver outcomes that reinforced trust. With a strong digital foundation in place, errors were considerably reduced, and the number of yearly audits went up from 10 to 100.

Business Benefits

  • Increased ease and speed of check-in/out processes
  • Streamlined and accelerated shop floor performance
  • Enabled optimal experiences for trailer owners and drivers
  • Transformed audit quality 
  • Improved employee efficiency

Project Outcomes

90% reduction in waiting times for trailers

40% savings in plant audit costs

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