Difficulties in managing disintegrated business systems; legacy-driven interfaces; higher response times


Enterprise-wide integration using Software AG’s webMethods suite; modernized interfaces to REST APIs for shorter response times; Implemented new production services to address increased customer demand


Greater agility; improved efficiency; enhanced customer service

Key Challenges

  1. System Integration is of critical value for ensuring swift and efficient IT delivery. However, our client lacked integrated capabilities and was struggling with disparate systems of record and systems of insight across their lines of business, which posed efficiency and growth challenges. Troubles, such as duplication of activities and siloed applications mounted which strained agility and affected customer service.
  2.  Most of the system interfaces were built on SOAP, which was sluggish and inefficient in meeting the demands of future. This crippled user experience and impacted service value.
  3. Avoiding system outages was difficult and there was no mechanism to trigger an alert. The poor state of crisis management impacted service timeliness, as teams weren’t swift and effective in handling system failures. As a result, customer experience quality and revenue prospects took a beating.

Our client is the US-based premier cruise line, providing travel experiences over a fleet of 18 ships that cover 380 destinations and serve over 1.8 million passengers per year. With over 170 itineraries ranging from one day to 111 days and an annual turnover spiraling up to billions, our client is a consolidated power.

Our Solutions

We conducted thorough assessment of our client’s problem and implemented an out-of-the-box solution based on Software AG’s webMethods integration suite. The solution enabled advanced integration across the company’s multilayered IT ecosystem extending to group companies. Our chosen integration patterns were a part of our aggressive strategy to streamline processes, eliminate silos, accelerate service timelines with zero impact, and improve IT delivery for the client. Additionally, we provided technical and functional training on webMethods API management for upskilling employees and helping them address the integration needs of tomorrow.

Our team also modernized the existing SOAP-based interfaces to REST APIs for unlocking agility. The solution removed procedural gaps across the supply chains and provided end-to-end visibility for strategic control. This delivered service value and boosted customer experience.

The implementation and configuration of new production servers scaled the production environment and helped our client in handling high-volume customer demand. The solution ensured greater productivity and facilitated positive experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Business Benefits

  • Improved IT efficiency and agility with the help of streamlined IT workflows
  • Accelerated service timelines and delivery
  • Enhanced operational visibility and enabled swift decision-making
  • Achieved superior response rates and positive user experience


Project Outcomes

50% Improvement in customer response times

50% Boost in sales

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