Semi-manual physician lending processes; limited outreach to customers


Developed a fully digitized omnichannel customer engagement platform; automated loan approval and disbursement processes


Accelerated speed to service; delivered superior customer experience; improved market engagement

Key Challenges

  1. Financial services companies have recognized customer experience as a differentiator. Our client knew that their existing physician lending solution wasn’t up to the mark. It was semi-manual, nonstandardized, and failed to meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy customers. They wanted to create value by transforming their customer' journeys.
  2. The existing web-based platform was rigid and could not integrate seamlessly with third-party APIs. As a result, our client was wasting valuable time and resources developing workarounds to meet customer needs.
  3. The lack of a cross-platform solution limited market reach and was causing them to lose out on potential new business. They were unable to maintain a competitive edge threatening long-term business viability.

Our client is the fastest-growing NBFC, disbursing loans and value-driven financial products with minimal hassle and paperwork. The company’s commitment to delivering seamless customer experience has enabled them to become the financier of choice for millions.

Our Solutions

Our client wanted to transform their semi-manual, paper-based physician lending process into an operationally efficient, customer-centric, future-ready automated system. To drive their digital agenda forward, we built a robust backend system based on a microservices framework that interfaces with their customer relationship management and financial statement analyzer systems. Our team implemented a range of feature improvements to automate end-to-end physician lending processes, shorten approval and disbursement lifecycles, and increase speed to value. Our innovative solution enabled a complete transformation and helped them improve their omnichannel reach and customer experience. It also expanded our client’s prospect/customer reach across multiple channels, enabling them to offer hassle-free loans on the move and improving customer engagement and retention.

Our comprehensive third-party API integration strategy created a unified ecosystem of services for our client’s customers. All the data is now captured within this ecosystem, making it accessible across systems and empowering our clients to handle all use cases efficiently and at the pace of business.


Business Benefits

  • Digitalized the physician lending process end-to-end
  • Shortened the loan processing and disbursement lifecycle
  • Improved customer experience
  • Expedited sales
  • Increased revenue and brand footprint


Project Outcomes

200% Increase in Market Engagement

50%Increase in Project Delivery Speed


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