Tech Disruption in Financial Asset Management

The Rise of FinTech in Asset Management

According to Deloitte’s 2019 Investment Management Outlook, “Many investment management firms are planning for the potential disruption caused by new technology-based entrants. These disruptors shake up online fund distribution, digital advice, or micro-investing with their expertise in digital experience delivery or large customer bases. These potential new entrants are likely to provide low-cost services, coupled with digital-age capabilities.”
Tech Disruption in Financial Asset Management

Financial institutions are experiencing a seismic shift in technological advances right now. The explosive growth of FinTech and the increase in the use of technology systems is changing the landscape at a rapid pace, propelling the leaders and early adopters of new systems to the forefront and leaving those who do not adapt far behind in a number of key areas.

Established financial services companies, particularly asset management companies, are struggling with the challenge of using outdated technology systems and applications to track, report and retain compliance. In this ultra-fast, competitive environment with new “digitally born” disruptive market entrants appearing all the time, organisations that do not keep pace will be left behind without a clue on how to catch up.

Without the correct system tools in place, organisations “make do” with complex Excel (and similar) programming to keep tabs on their assets under management and provide management and colleagues with accurate insights into the key metric numbers that drive important strategic decisions. Unfortunately, these old “pointed solutions” and inappropriate applications are insecure, non-compliant and unreliable when it comes to providing the direction that is needed to maintain stability, provide a leading-edge advantage or give future planning insights.

One size does not fit all

Apart from the inherent risk of trying to shoehorn all management and reporting functions under Excel and similar tools, the reality is that Financial Services software consists of a complex array of tailored requirements to meet the multifaceted needs of the organisations involved.

Requirements can vary from:

  • Back-office automation 
  • Consumer lending platforms 
  • Investment evaluations 
  • Yield management platforms 
  • Alternative investment platforms 
  • Private investment platforms
  • Bond investment platforms
  • Loan origination software
  • Bespoke reporting and analytics
  • Fund management 
  • Workflow automation

Enabling Visibility, Reliability, Accuracy and Compliance

Kellton enables financial services companies to move away from outdated systems and deliver the digital transformation that provides the security, reliability and compliance that is absolutely necessary for the industry today.

We deliver tailored solutions that enable Financial Services companies to address individual needs with proper visibility, security and compliance built in from the outset, ensuring that audits are passed every time without concern.

While Financial Services and FinTech is highly topical at present, Kellton has been at the forefront of dedicated research and development in this area for years. Our deep specialisation in this industry has enabled us to provide customised, award-winning solutions and custom-built applications for top financial institutions and enterprises globally. We provide a rich customer portfolio and smart digital methodology to empower you to stay ahead of the curve and win business.