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Kellton Successfully Implements Ground-breaking Cloud-based IoT Solution for the Oil and Gas Industry
January 2nd, 2019

Hyderabad, India, January 2, 2019: Kellton is pleased to announce the successful implementation of its Cloud based AI-enabled IoT platform, Optima, for one of its customer in the Oil and Gas industry. Kellton's proprietary IoT Edge device Envision, a remote communication modular gateway was used for this implementation.

The customizable IoT platform, Optima, connects multiple wells with controllers and analog and digital sensors to Envision. This integrated platform, when deployed in downstream Oil and Gas enterprises, have the ability to optimize and predict events and provide actionable insights and foresight to identify critical information, which cuts down the time wasted on cumbersome maintenance processes. It can increase production by upto 30% and save millions of dollars.

“Kellton has been working on the cutting-edge of IoT innovation for the last few years,” said Niranjan Chintam, Co-founder and Chairman of Kellton, “We have gained huge traction in the last 6 months. IoT has gone from a once hyped-up novelty to a transformational force in the world of business. It is not just a new product feature; it is a whole new way of doing business. Businesses can now see when a device needs servicing, with problems being anticipated and addressed before they even occur, allowing customers to get higher availability levels.”

About Optima

Optima is a comprehensive IoT and real-time analytics platform that improves the visibility of well operations and operational and process efficiency, maximizes oil production, and reduces the cost and risk of operating wells. This platform has a cutting-edge architecture that uses IoT, Cloud, mobile, and analytics and enables clients to collaborate between different departments and various levels of management to make faster and more informed decisions. Optima integrates people, data, information, processes, and technology to provide access to data anytime, anywhere and from any device.

About Envision

The Optima EDGE device, Envision, is a remote communication modular IoT Gateway that provides fully configurable and secure access to real-time data acquisition, transmission, processing, computation, and control from remote oilfield well site(s) and gathering stations located on land or offshore across the globe. It provides 24x7 access to the remote assets—Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, and Satellite connections—deployed on the cloud or private network. This device can also be connected to any third-party platform. It reduces operating cost by enabling remote monitoring, equipment protection, and onsite automation.


About Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.

Kellton is a publicly listed (BSE& NSE: KELLTONTEC), CMMI Level 5, and ISO 9001:2015 certified global IT services organization. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Kellton has development centers in both the United States and India. It was founded on the vision of offering “infinite possibilities with technology” and strives to provide innovative and cutting-edge services to their clients. The company is committed to providing end-to-end IT solutions, strategic technology consulting, and offshore product development services. Kellton serves a full set of clients including start-ups, SMBs, enterprises, and Fortune 500 businesses. The organization has also serviced a wide range of clients from multiple industries, including retail, travel, e-commerce, education, hospitality, advertising, market research, manufacturing, consumer goods, logistics, SCM, and non-profits. Kellton is a global leader in providing Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Mobile Application Development, and the Internet of Things.


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