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We develop insurance software solutions to help insurance enterprises transform into digitally mature organizations. Our innovative solutions invigorate insurers to take a giant leap toward Digital Transformation and unlock benefits, such as higher productivity, faster time-to-market, reduced costs, knowledge retention, and improved governance. Drawing from our vast experience, we help the insurance industry discern the bigger picture and achieve digital disruption by cutting through all the noise. From sales to service to underwriting, we forge long-lasting partnerships with insurance carriers to foster digital innovation through our cutting-edge InsurTech.

Technologies at the Forefront of Innovation in the Insurance Industry

Emerging technologies that are breaching the insurance industry’s business models and boundaries are poised to mature even more.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Telematics
Internet of Things (IoT) and Telematics

The all-pervasive connectivity powered by IoT and telematics enables prediction of claim events and ensures timely damage limitation.

Chatbots and Robo-Advisors
Chatbots and Robo-Advisors

Conversational AI-enabled chatbots provide insurance-related support and advice to policyholders 24/7, 365-days a year.


Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, has taken fraud detection to a new level in cases involving interchange of money or data.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Insurers can generate and act upon meaningful risk insights by deploying intelligent analytics solutions powered by ML and AI.

Our Clients

We help our clients from the insurance industry deliver simplified insurance experiences. Our lasting partnerships with our clients enable them to move forward with agility and meet evolving business needs through:

  • Continuous improvement of the existing products to bolster the market position.
  • Delivering superior experiences to agents.
  • Enhanced delivery models that translate into higher customer satisfaction.
  • Insights into the target markets.


Our Insurance Solutions

The traditional insurance business model is being reshaped with a monumental shift in how products and services are delivered. The insurance companies that move with agility are more likely to flourish in this new world with opportunities. Our software solutions help achieve higher customer satisfaction, driven by improved service and faster processing times.

Our end-to-end policy management software takes the hassle out of policy issuance and management. We build solutions that integrate advanced features such as automated quoting and rating, policy generation, custom configuration for various insurance types, statistical reporting, etc.

Policy Management Software Solutions

Envisioned by our professional developers as an all-important tool, we develop claims management software solutions to help streamline claims management workflow, enable automatic generation of claims documents, payments management, along with fully integrating policy administration.

Claims Management Software Solutions

We develop insurance agency management systems that adapt to the way an insurance business works. Irrespective of whether an insurer is selling life, health or any other insurance and whether its clients are individuals or groups, our solutions are suitable for all types of business models.

Insurance Agency Management Systems

Our insurance carrier software solutions provide complete quote-to-claim policy life-cycle support. We offer solutions for transactions processing, insurance agents and underwriters management. Insurers leverage our rating, validation, and transaction engines to tackle business volume with ease.

Insurance Carrier Software

We help convert leads into lifelong customers with cutting-edge insurance lead management software. Our solutions automate the lead generation process, allow lead generation from multiple sources and assign leads to sales reps based on location and product with predefined workflow rules.

Insurance Lead Management Software

We design and develop electronic document management solutions for insurance providers. We help insurance companies and brokers create a centralized document policy for storing documents such as policy applications, customer proofs, contracts, policyholder agreements, etc.

Insurance Document Management System

We help insurance providers achieve operational efficiency with digitized workflows. Our multi-faceted workflow management software simplifies and helps optimize routing business workflows. Our solutions streamline communications, minimize touchpoints and enforce compliance.

Workflow Management Software

Our investment management software solutions allow streamlining investment management, organizing assets, increasing efficiency, and mitigating risks by leveraging advanced features such as basic money management, budgeting, debt tracking, cash management, and investment portfolio management.

Investment Management Software Solutions

We provide insurance enterprises with one easy to navigate platform to streamline the risk assessment process. We create a prioritized risk mitigation strategy that fits almost every insurance business model and encompasses reducing redundancies and investing valuable time in proactive decision-making.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software

Our insurance quoting engines incorporate custom underwriting algorithms for qualitative risk assessment and premium calculations. Our solutions allow sending automated follow up emails to customers for incomplete quote forms. We help deliver optimized quoting experience across devices.

Insurance Quoting Software

We help implement an enterprise-wide strategy that focuses on improving early detection to mitigate the risk of fraud by unifying security systems. We design a secure framework by tapping into advanced automation and analytics to maximize fraud prevention barriers.

Fraud Prevention Software Systems

Proliferation of data is presenting unprecedented opportunities for use of analytics in insurance. Our insurance data analytics solution lets insurers deep dive into the market and gain real-time insights. We help insurance providers seize new opportunities within the industry by delivering operational outcomes.

Insurance Data Analytics Solutions

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