Enterprise Modernization

Do you know relevance, resilience, and responsiveness are the biggest game-changers in today's unpredictable business landscape? Navigate complexities tied to your obsolete IT and become more resilient by peddling the right enterprise modernization strategy at scale with Kellton. We enable a solid foundation for renewing your core-critical legacy systems by blending the best frameworks, mainframe technologies, and cloud solutions, underpinned by the amalgamation of agile and devsecops.

As your strategic technology partner, we help accelerate your digital transformation journey by seamlessly planning and executing your IT architecture modernization without disruptions. We further minimize complexities related to core technical implementations, simplify the cloud adoption process, ensure higher uptime, and efficiently solve day-to-day operational challenges.

At Kellton, our team works beyond the 'lift-and-shift' approach to unlock value trapped in legacy systems. We deliver operational efficiency by re-architecting, standardizing, rationalizing, de-risking, and re-scaling your systems and apps, making you well-positioned to tackle future challenges head-on.

Leading the Transformation

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Bringing speed and scale to the business is of cardinal importance to respond swiftly to volatile market scenarios. So, when our client wanted to elevate their on-premise workloads to a smart, scalable, and value-driven cloud architecture underpinned by AWS, we relished the challenge to deliver.

Leading core business overhaul is intimidating, more so when 95 percent of the operations are reliant on a single mission-critical system. Our client was at this crossroads. So, when they decided to replace their core legacy system with a new, high-performance system and support transformation scale, we knew that we would have to pull out all the stops to help the company realize its vision of scalability and agility.

It isn’t uncommon for restaurants to partner with third-party food delivery aggregators to take their products to a wider 
audience. This ease, however, translates into low brand resonance and poor profit margins. So, when our client wanted 
to minimize dependency on these aggregators to inspire a better, more personalized ordering experience whilst bringing 
in better traction, we helped shape a digitization vision and strategy to enable the real impact.


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