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Bokanyi Consulting, a Kellton Tech Company Introduces Fill-Rate4-SAP
January 30th, 2016

Bokanyi Consulting, a Kellton Tech Company is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Distribution solution: Fill-Rate4-SAP. Optimized for the complex needs of the Distribution industry, Bokanyi Consulting, a Kellton Tech Company’s Fill-Rate4-SAP solution, leverages our extensive experience in both the Wholesale Distribution industry and SAP software. This solution was created to resolve the ever-present challenge faced by wholesale distributors as they strive to meet customer order fulfillment guidelines.  

Retail customers evaluate supplier performance based on predetermined and contractual fill-rates on sales orders. Most customers base a supplier’s fill-rate performance on first shipments. Suppliers that fall below the fill-rate metric are usually penalized with chargebacks, negatively impacting profit margins. Chargebacks also signify an inability to meet customer demand and decreased customer satisfaction.

Yet, distributors have always viewed chargebacks as “the unfortunate cost of doing business”. Despite their best efforts, they lacked the clarity to positively impact fill-rates on a consistent basis. Now with SAP ERP and Bokanyi Consulting, a Kellton Tech Company's Fill-Rate4-SAP, distributors can experience a dramatic improvement in fill-rates, resulting in increased profits and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


  • Stops the creation of deliveries that fall below your customer's fill-rate
  • Eliminates chargebacks
  • Is a customer specific, rules-driven solution
  • Automates compliance
  • Provides visibility and flexibility if/when needed

Here is one customer’s story:

A supplier of air conditioner auto parts implemented Fill-Rate as part of their Bokanyi‐led SAP implementation.

Post Go-Live, their chargebacks dropped from $9 million annually to less than $1 million annually, thanks to the efficiencies and automation gained from Bokanyi Consulting's Fill-Rate4-SAP solution. Fill rates and customer satisfaction sky-rocketed. Within 4 months of going live, they were nominated and won a supplier award from a major auto parts retailer. This was the first time either company had experienced a chargeback-free month. When asked by the retailer about the drastic improvement, our customer informed them that they had undergone an SAP implementation 4 months prior. The implementation had gone so smoothly that the retailer was not even aware that our customer had switched business systems!

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