Automation helps businesses attain operational efficiency, reduce dependency on the workforce, and achieve performance excellence. With the emergence of advanced technologies such as cloud, analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and more, automation has grown intelligent, and it allows businesses to think beyond the traditional RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Intelligent automation is more than just automating mundane, repetitive tasks. It complements human decisions, simulates human behavior, strengthens remote working capabilities, and improves user experiences.

At Kellton, we enable businesses to create, train and implement bots to perform tasks that humans have long done. We partner with leading intelligent automation providers, including Automation Anywhere and Workato, to help companies maximize the benefits of intelligent automation. Besides identifying the friction points, eliminating the process bottlenecks, and increasing productivity, we help businesses use intelligent automation to practice agility, achieve data-driven growth, and create superior experiences—partner with us to put a competent digital workforce at the forefront of end-to-end business tasks.

Leading the Transformation

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Automation helps organizations create engaging user journeys and ace the customer experience game. Swift, simple, and seamless user’ experiences increase customer engagement and retention. So, when our client wanted to automate their user journeys and catapult customer growth, we developed a clear strategy and employed frontline innovation to drive optimal results.

Automated check-in processes is a vital step towards ensuring seamless material management, especially when you have 35 manufacturing plants with innumerable external touchpoints. So, when your client wanted to leap forward from traditional check-in processes to a fully connected ecosystem powered by self-service kiosks, we knew that the challenge would require us tap into our best expertise.

With the commercial real estate lending failure and fraud
mounting, underwriters must build a robust, fully
compliant investing ecosystem that drives returns and
eliminates risks. So when our client wanted to align their
loan origination process with the emerging digital
economy, we identified leading-edge capabilities that can
increase their bottomline.

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