Imagine AI as the master tool for your businesses’ innovation needs, we are your one stop-solution for the same! We offer a sharp approach to help businesses surpass productivity goals, by harvesting user data to perfection. Our Artificial intelligence and Machine learning services create a self-learning environment to translate, structure and power your data appropriately.

Offering easy to control ML models, Conversational AI, Architectural Strategy and Computer vision etc. our team of experts excel in natural language process and deep learning, creating a futuristic path for your business to prosper on. With the help of automation and seamlessly designed ML ops, we at Kellton harness resources to the maximum potential helping businesses flourish beyond expectations.

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

One of the biggest conundrums for media enterprises is to seamlessly share and manage multilingual content across various user touchpoints. Our client was in the similar cross hairs. So, when they wanted to optimize their content value chains and fast-track user experience outcomes, we tackled the challenge with the gift of automated integration and data.

It isn’t uncommon for restaurants to partner with third-party food delivery aggregators to take their products to a wider 
audience. This ease, however, translates into low brand resonance and poor profit margins. So, when our client wanted 
to minimize dependency on these aggregators to inspire a better, more personalized ordering experience whilst bringing 
in better traction, we helped shape a digitization vision and strategy to enable the real impact.

When business systems are disparate, enterprises face the twin threats of reduced efficiency and unstructured data, which undermine the growth potential in the long run. Our client found themselves in a similar situation. So, when they wanted to integrate their IT landscape to align and consolidate process flows, reporting, and analysis, we stepped up with the right approach and enabled a ‘connected’ enterprise.

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